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2021 Millward Brown Kantar_Social Media_Badge_Most Recognized
2021 Millward Brown Kantar_Social Media_Badge_Most Respected
2021 Millward Brown Kantar_Social Media_Badge_Leader
CENTURY 21 Greater Ohio Broker Council Awards Gala!
CENTURY 21 Greater Ohio Broker Council Awards Gala!

Frank and Phil’s long term goal for our Company is to continue to give all of our agents the training, tools, and resources that they need to be successful in the current and future real estate markets. Providing great customer service is something we do for our clients and they want our agents to have that same experience. They want to continue to improve our community involvement to help our community to become a better place to live and work.

To do that, our company is a part of the Licking County Chamber of Commerce, Licking County Board of Realtors, National Association of Realtors, and Columbus Multiple Listing Service. “Relentless,” “121%,” “Move Fearlessly,” and “Always Elevate” are just some of Century 21 words and phrases that Century 21 Frank Frye Agents keep in mind whenever we are helping clients.

Frank Frye

Current Century 21 Frank Frye Office located Downtown Newark, Ohio!
Current Century 21 Frank Frye Office located Downtown Newark, Ohio!

In 1972, a friend asked Frank Frye, “What do you want to do?” Frank replied with, “I am thinking about real estate” so together they went to real estate school and the adventure began.

Prior to real estate, Frank was in the funeral business and with it also being a service industry, Frank gained a lot of skills that enabled him to become a household name in Real Estate: dealing with the public, taking care of clients at any age, communication, being compassionate, and working hard.

Frank Frye was an agent for several years before he decided to start a company and become a Broker. He started his Brokerage, alongside his wife, Phyllis Frye, who was the office manager. He chose to partner with Century 21 in 1977 because of their worldwide name and brand recognition. He started with two agents close to Downtown Newark in a very small office space. 45 years later, they have grown exponentially and are located in Downtown Newark with 32 licensed real estate agents, two licensed Brokers/Owners, one Associate Broker, four administrative assistants, one director of property management, one director of training, one director of marketing, one director of relocation, one director of commercial real estate, one director of community outreach, and one director of fun! As an agent, the closing and transfer of the real estate to a new owner is one of Frank’s favorite parts. From a Broker standpoint, seeing our agents become successful is another favorite part of this business.

Frank says, “Always remember you are working for the client. Real estate is a learning process. You can’t learn it in a few weeks. You have to experience it to understand it and that is where a lot of agents fail. It is a long process and people aren’t used to putting a lot of time into it. It is all about customer service”.

Frank Frye has lived in the Newark area for 80 years. Frank has loved watching the growth of the city and county. Frank was associated with Easter Seals, Goodwill, and Newark JC’s. At any given time, you may find Frank taking walks around the Square and occasionally stopping at Main Hardware and enjoying lunch from Christy’s Pizza.

Frank is loyal to his Company and is the first one to show up at the office and one of the last to leave. When you walk into the office, you will be greeted by Frank’s smile and welcome. Usually you will find one or two agents gathered around him as they listen to his real estate stories and advice. Frank’s belief is that real estate is a tangible asset and ownership of real estate is an important part of life. For years, Frank has been known for his integrity, honesty, knowledge, and expertise. Everyone at Century 21 Frank Frye tries to live up to his reputation everyday while helping their clients buy and sell.



In 2008, after many years of watching his Father, Frank Frye, run his own company, Phil Frye decided to join his Father. He wanted to work with his Dad and see what he did on a daily basis as a real estate agent. He wanted to see if he could meet the challenge of helping to carry on his legacy at Century 21 Frank Frye Real Estate. He realized what it took to be a successful real estate agent after watching his Father and other top agents. His current role is Principal broker and Owner. Phil started out as general manager and a licensed real estate agent and a few years later obtained his Broker’s license.

Phil has lived in his community for over 50 years. His favorite part of the local community is all of the caring people and progress that we continue to see whether it is downtown Newark or all over Licking and surrounding counties. Phil learned from watching his parents and family to be involved in their community. He takes great pride in being a part of Newark Kiwanis Club, Licking County Crime Stoppers, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Licking County, and ‘89 Angels.

Phil is a graduate of Newark High school and the University of Cincinnati with a degree in electronic media. He also attended Hondros College for real estate classes and continues to further his education with real estate classes that will help his company and clients. 

Phil’s favorite part of the business is being able to help people. Whether it’s helping them through a transaction, buying their very first home, or selling a long time family home, he finds it very rewarding to assist people through real estate.

Phil loves to spend time with his family, especially his wife Molly and their daughter Grace. He likes to watch movies, typically ones that are based on real life or historical events. He also likes to play music and collect musical instruments. Phil and his family have 4 cats, which also gives you the idea that tomorrow they could have even more cats. Their names are Penny, Millie, Ollie, and Kitty Kitty.

Phil Frye
Phil Frye

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